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This is the website of and for Southern Africans, their spouses, partners and children and friends living in the Maritimes.
Namibians, Zimbabweans and people from other Southern African countries and their friends are welcome to join in the fun as are our Canadian friends.  We promise to display your flag too.
For more information on our activities and plans, please contact Johan Geldenhuys.
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This page was last updated on: May 2, 2017
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We want other South Africans to enjoy your happy or memorable events with you.

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Let us know what you have been up to recently.

Future events

Saffers weekend in Kejimkujik

The countdown is on to the 2017 South African Get Together at Keji! 
I just booked 2 group campsites for the Labor Day Weekend. We will start the festivities Friday September 1, 2017 and leave Monday September 4, 2014. 
The festivities will follow the same format as last year, i.e. we will prepare 1 meal together and you are responsible for the rest. Costs for the shared meal will be shared on later occasion. 
Spaces are limited so please let me know if you plan to attend. The fees are $5 per person per night. To book your spaces please send me an interact transfer to with password "saffer". Please mention your names in the transfer details.
We will have use of shared kitchen with running water. No electricity plugs, no freezers. 
For those who are not campers, you can reach out to Parks Canada at 877 737 3783 to see if you can secure the OTentniks. There are also a few B&B's outside of Keji. 
Please contact me at with questions. 
Louis Buhrmann

Special events

Let me know what your interests are or if you have any other ideas for a get together.